Getting to Stolos from Astros!

Road from Astros to Tripoli Turn off [Blue Oval].

At the turnoff there is an overpass that the road passes under. There is an entrance to the road to Stolos before and after the overpass on either side. Do not worry if you drive under the overpass. You can still get to the road from either direction you will be able to get on the road to the village.

The sign just after the turnoff. The top sign is for Stolos. Follow this road. You will eventually come to the lower town of Stolos. You will continue to drive through and at the end of the lower town of Stolos the asphalt road will turn momentarily into a a gravel road. Continue along the gravel road. Warning, there will be a fork in the gravel road to your right (180deg turn)that will be appealing for it will be asphalt. DO NOT Take This road. Continue down the gravel road. It will bend around and then become an asphalt road again. Continue up the hill until you reach a sign with either balloons or ribbons or some indication that you will turn to your left 180degs up a steep ramp. this is the final road to the church. The first building will be the school house. This is a perfect place to park. The road that continues upward will lead you to the church.