Getting to Astros from Athens!

Print Driving Directions Athens to Astros

If you are renting a car you will take the E94 from the Airport (located just south and a bit east of Athens[Blue Oval]) to Corinth (Black Oval). From Corinth the E94 will become the E65 to Tripoli (South West of Cornith). The quickest and safest way to get to Astros is to take the Sterna Exit (not indicated on map but after Nemea. You can also take the Nemea EXIT (Red Oval). Both will take take you first to Argos but the Sterna exit may have fewer bends in the road. You will follow any sign with Astros on it but if Astros is not an option you will follow the signs to Argos. Once you get by Argos you will see signs to Astros. You are only 20km away nice sea side road.

Driving Directions Through Tripoli

Now if you miss the exit near Nemea you will have to go towards Tripoli(pink oval). When you get near Tripoli you will be looking for signs for Sparta. When you follow these signs you will be getting off the E65. Continue to follow the signs to Sparta. About 2-4km you will see the first road sign....see below. Note: Astros is the Green Oval

First road sign From Tripoli to Astros!

You will turn left for ASTROS 38km (located on the second blue sign- second from the top). You will continue untill you get to the following signs...see below.

Second road sign

Here you will turn left and follow the road to Astros (Astros is the last name on the left is about 30km. The road will have many switch-backs due to the mountainous terrain. It is fun if you love to drive and it will be hell if you get sea sick/motion sick easily..and if your sitting in the back seat. you actually pass by the road to the village Stolos on this road.

Second road sign