Phones and Phone cards!

First you need a triband phone. You can buy a phone and a card from the Athens airport for about 100 Euros from a store called Germanos at the far end near the car rentals. I was lucky enough to have a friend who lent a phone to me.

I spent 5 euros and got the following card I simply removed the card...see below... and placed it in the phone. I turned on the phone and entered the pin number that came witht the phone. All calls incomming are free. I called 1313 (free call) to get the language changed to problem. I called 1314 to charge the phone with a phone card (20 euros) and then entered option 3 then the long number on the phone card. Done. Anther option is to use local calling cards. You can go to any corner store and ask for them. Good luck