Family and Friends!

Please note that we do not have images of everyone but you can send me images so that I can post them.

Nick Kalantzis (my godson) and my Grandmother Vasiliki. Nick has been learning to play the bouzouki and plans to play a few tunes for us at the wedding!! Opa!

Kajsa's Mom Cherry and Peter

Demetri's parents Penny and Gus

Vivian Giannitsios and Mike...Demetri's sister and brother in law

Demetri's aunt Helen (Father's sister) and Liz Tsougriannis (1st Cousin and mother to Kosta Tsougriannis)

Our good friend Marie Louise from Ottawa, Ontario.

Tom Nickolopoulos (Vivian Giannitsios'god father--from Calgary)

Carmen Huemmer- our good friend from Bavaria...Germany. Carmen's idea of a nice healthy breakfest is a thick dark beer.

Shiellah Quintos, a good long time friend from Montreal. She is the queen of organzing anything. You want an event under control, you call shiellah.

Vasiliki(left) and Marina(right) Giannitsios...Demetri's 1st cousins (Father's brother's kids)

Khaled Elalem and son. A good friend now living back home in Lybia. Hope he comes to the wedding.

Andrew and Sara Gosline. Friends from Montreal, just had a baby! Congrats!

Auriel and Ed...Kajsa's Grandparents from Hawaii.

Kali Kecani, the honey queen. Married to Steve Kecani.

Carol Duke, Kajsa's step mother from Edmonton Alberta.

Fred and Carol Duke, Kajsa's parents.

Carter and Halley Duke, Kajsa's nieces (her brother's daughters) from Okotoks Alberta

Demetrios Giannitsos from Edson Alberta... Demetri's 1st cousin (Father's brother's son)

Deryk and Kat Stek, and Dave Lemos. Two good friends from Montreal.

Emily and Tom 4th Wilson from Montreal Quebec. Congratulations!!!Tom the 3rd and demetri have been playing hockey ever since demetri arrived in Montreal.

George and Tapis, good friends from the Royal Victoria hospital Montreal Quebec,

Jim and Jocelyn Plakas, Demetri's first cousins (Father's sister's son)from Edmonton Alberta.

Kajsa's Parents

Kostas Tsougriannis. Peter and Liz Tsougriannis'son. (Edmonton Alberta)

Lisa Duke and Makena. Kajsa's sister in law and niece.

Lorne and Naomi Beckman. Good friends from Montreal. Demetri has known lorne since 2001 when he first arrived and has been working with Lorne at the Orthopaedic Research laboratory since 2003 with Lorne, Naomi and Thomas Steffen. Lorne and Naomi will be having a baby around the middle of August. Contratulations to them is going to be a boy!!! I hear that Demetri is a great name for a boy these days...

Maria and Deryk!! They have been married less than a month ago!! Maria is Demetr's 1st cousin (Father's sister's daughter). Deryks crazy energy will be missed at this wedding but I'm sure others will step up....Taki???

Clara and Mario Biagi from Edmonton Alberta. Demetri was practicaly raised by Clara and Mario while growing up in Edmonton. Living only 3 houses down, Demetri grew up as one of the Biagi boys.

Mark and Louis. Good friends from Montreal Quebec.

Ioanna and Ovidiu Ciobanu from Montreal Quebec. Demetri met Ioanna while working at the ORL and has been good friends with both ever since.

Paule Einerson. A good friend of Demetri's who plays hockey and likes to do home renovations. He is a prime investor in Home and Reno Depot chains....indirectly. This boy is comming to the wedding to break some plates.

Sarina Thoni. A good friend of Demetri's from Zurick Switzerland. Sarina spent a good year in Montreal working with Demetri at the ORL. She loves honey nut cherrios and ben and Jerry ice cream. Both of which she can not get easily back home in.

Steve Kecani from Montreal Quebec. Steve has just retired from working a the Physics Machine shop at Mcgill and is looking forward to retirement.....sure.

Thea Veta Giannitsos from Edson Alberta. Demetri's aunt and the mother of Vasiliki, Marina, and Demetrios.

The Boys!! From Left to Right...Back row...Demetrios Giannitsos(Edson), Uncle Louis Giannitsios (Edson), Demetri, Taki Tsougriannis(Edmonton) Front row...Gus Giannitsios(Edmonton), Paul Plakas (Edmonton), and Jim Plakas (Edmonton)

Thomas Steffen from Montreal Quebec. Thomas is a good friend who is currently both employing Demetri and acting as Demetri's PhD! Thomas is a soccer fanatic who loves Perrier water after a good match and long long distance teleconfrences with anyone who is awake in their relative time zone. We are not sure where Thomas lives but if you ask him he will say he is a man of the world. Thomas is trying his best to attend the wedding.

Theo Nick (the white haired guy) from Hinton Alberta. Uncle nick is the father of Paul, Jim, and Maria Plakas (all 1st cousins with Demetri)

Vasiliki Nickolopolous from Calgary Alberta. She is Demetri's sister godmother.

Marylin and Yani from Montreal Quebec. Good friends of ours. Marylin and Kajsa completed their PhDs in the same lab in Montreal and have remained close friends ever since. Marylin and Yani will be travelling in Hungary this summer.